Council meetings

The Alice Springs Town Council Committee and Ordinary Meetings agendas can be viewed below.

The Alice Springs community is invited to attend the regular Council meetings. Two separate meetings are held each month, with the Council Committee meetings held mid month and the Ordinary Council meetings held at the end of the month.


This is a great way to get involved in your community and ask questions of your Elected Members with public question time provided at the beginning of each meeting. 


Ordinary Council Meetings are held in the Council Chamber on the last Monday of every month commencing at 6pm.


Council Committee Meetings are held in the Council Chamber on the 3rd last Monday of every month (except January and December) commencing at 5.30pm. Agendas, business papers and minutes for Council meetings are available prior to each meeting.


Meeting Date
Ordinary Council 29 January 2019
Committees 11 February 2019
Ordinary Council 25 February 2019
Committees 11 March 2019
Ordinary Council 25 March 2019
Committees 15 April 2019
Ordinary Council 29 April 2019
Committees  13 May 2019
Ordinary Council 27 May 2019
Committees 11 June 2019 (Tuesday)
Ordinary Council 24 June 2019
Committees 15 July 2019
Ordinary Council 29 July 2019
Committees 12 August 2019
Ordinary Council 26 August 2019
Committees 16 September 2019
Ordinary Council 30 September 2019
Committees 14 October 2019
Ordinary Council 28 October 2019
Committees 11 November 2019
Ordinary Council 25 November 2019
Ordinary Council 9 December 2019

Latest Ordinary Council Meetings