Elected members

Mayor Damien Ryan

Address: PO Box 1071, Alice Springs
Mobile: 0428 825 392
Email: mayor@astc.nt.gov.au


Mayor Ryan was born in Alice Springs in 1955 and completed his primary education at 'Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School'  in Alice Springs.  

His professional career began in 1972 when he started work at the Alice Springs Camera Shop, which he bought in 1974.  

Since then, he has also gained invaluable knowledge of the tourism industry as licensee of the Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse (south-west of Alice Springs) and later as co-owner of Dunmarra Roadhouse.  

Mayor Ryan is the President of the Local Government Association NT, an NT Grants Commissioner;  Co-chairman of the Outback Way Development Council and Vice-President of the Finke Desert Race.

First elected as Mayor of Alice Springs in March 2008, Mayor Ryan and re-elected in March 2012 for a second term.  

Along with his fellow Councillors, Mayor Ryan is passionate about promoting and working for the Alice Springs community.  

He works tirelessly towards making Alice Springs the best possible place to live, work and visit.

Mayor Ryan is currently involved in the Local Government Association NT, NT Grants Commission, Outback Highway Development Council, Centralian Girls Academy Advisory Committee, Alice Springs Alcohol Reference Panel and is Vice-President of the Finke Desert Race Committee.

Mayor Ryan is strongly committed to the sustainable development and advancement of Alice Springs.



Mayor of Alice Springs

Local Government Association - Northern Territory (LGANT) President

Northern Territory Grants Commissioner

Justice of the Peace

Outback Highway Development Council - Co-Deputy Chair

Finke Desert Race - Vice President

Alice Springs Alcohol Reference Panel

NT Tobacco Control Advisory Committee

Alice Springs Town Council Access Advisory Committee

Alice Springs Town Council Sports Facilities Advisory Committee

Alice Springs Town Council Cemeteries Committee

Alice Springs Town Council Public Art Advisory Committee

Alice Springs Town Council Environment Advisory Committee

Alice Springs Town Council Tourism Events Promotions Committee

Alice Springs Town Council Australia Day Coordinating Committee

Squash NT – Patron

Holyoake Alice Springs Inc – Patron

Australian Local Government Association - Board Member

Australian Football League Central Australia Advisory Board


Deputy Mayor Jamie de Brenni

Address: PO Box 7844, Alice Springs
Mobile: 0418 890 157 
Email: jdebrenni@alicesprings.nt.gov.au
Email: jamiedebrenni@gmail.com

Councillor de Brenni is part of a third generation to grow up and live in Alice Springs after his grandparents came to the Territory in the 1940’s. He and his wife Alice have raised their own family of three children in Alice Springs and enjoy the lifestyle and opportunities the town has to offer.

Councillor de Brenni attended Gillen Primary School and Sadadeen High School. After finishing high school he worked in a variety of jobs before undertaking an adult apprenticeship in Carpentry. He now has a successful building business.

Councillor de Brenni has a long history of involvement in many sports including AFL, Rugby League and Dirt Kart racing. He is currently the vice president of Motorsports NT.

A goal of Councillor de Brenni is to create opportunities and reasons for our younger generation to remain in and contribute to our fantastic town. He promises to keep his passion and to chip away each day at making a difference for the future benefit of Alice Springs.

Councillor Steve Brown

Address: 69 Bullen Road, Alice Springs
Mobile: 0427 792 194
Email: sj-brown5@bigpond.com

Councillor Brown is a born and bred Alicespringian who was raised on a dairy farm called White Gums, just outside of town along with three sisters and six brothers.

Councillor Brown went to boarding school at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Alice Springs and Sacred Heart in Adelaide, returning for a final year at Alice Springs High School. 

After finishing school Councillor Brown undertook an apprenticeship as an electrician with the Department of Transport and Works and on completion established his own business. 

This has allowed him to meet and work with large numbers of Centralians of differing backgrounds while being part of the creation of countless homes and businesses across the length and breadth of the Centre.

Councillor Brown has raised his own family in Alice Springs and is the proud grandfather of 14 grandchildren. 

His involvement with community has been in the areas of sport particularly tennis and baseball; politics, as the chairman of Advance Alice and later as a co-founder of Action for Alice. 

It is his burning ambition to see Alice Springs become a united equal community where all children can fulfill their dreams and ambitions in a vibrant, prosperous and caring community through the establishment of a youth foundation for Central Australia's neglected children.

Councillor Dave Douglas



Address: 1 Palmer Street, Alice Springs
Mobile: 0407 720 224
Email: davedouglas@thealice.com.au


Councillor Douglas has lived in Alice Springs for more than 30 years and successfully runs two local businesses.

Councillor Douglas's aims for his term are to refresh the town’s image through streetscape improvements (including footpaths on both sides of all streets) and enforcements of anti-litter bylaws, reviewing removal of graffiti, improvements to the drainage system to limit flooding potential and improving facilities for the town’s senior citizens.

Councillor Douglas's vision is that Council confronts the town's social issues and maintains its traditional responsibilities at the highest standards.




Councillor Brendan Heenan

Address: 3 Palm Circuit, Alice Springs
Mobile: 0418 897 029
Email: brendan@macrange.com.au


Councillor Heenan was born in Alice Springs and has worked for many years as a market gardener, landscape gardener and nurseryman.

Councillor Heenan and his wife Bev are the owners of a successful caravan park.

They have six children and 14 grandchildren with most of the family residing and working in Alice Springs.

Councillor Heenan's community involvement includes roles as President of the NT Caravan Park Association, CRVA National Board member and as a Bindi board member.

Councillor Heenan is a patron of the AFLCA and sponsors the under 17 football community with the Heenan Cup and is a proud NT Thunder member.

A Rotarian of the Stuart Rotary Club since 1970, Councillor Heenan was president in 1977-78 and was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow for services to Rotary and the community.

Councillor Heenan enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, reading, politics, walking, AFL and is a member of the Essendon Football Club.

Councillor Jade Kudrenko



Mobile: 0438 813 625
Email: jkudrenko@alicesprings.nt.gov.au


Councillor Kudrenko is an Alice Springs local. She attended Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School and completed high school at St Philip’s College. 

Over the past decade Councillor Kudrenko has played active in roles within the Education, Natural Resource Management and Indigenous Employment sectors. 

Her work has taken her to many remote indigenous communities in Central Australia.

Her extensive travels in the region have fostered a strong appreciation for the natural environment and Councillor Kudrenko is passionate about conserving Central Australia's unique arid plants and animals.

She was a graduating participant of the Desert Leadership Program which was focused on developing skills in adaptive leadership and uniting other young leaders to respond to entrenched community issues.

In her private life Councillor Kudrenko and her husband Scott are foster parents and enjoy the opportunity to have great kids in their lives.


Councillor Eli Melky

Address: PO Box 4495, Alice Springs
Mobile: 0427 012 699
Email: eli.melky@goldenhome.com.au

Councillor Melky is proud to be a member of the 12th Council of Alice Springs. 

He takes an attentive and pro-active approach to the Council business of roads, rates and rubbish, while working equally hard to address his core concerns on law and order matters.

Councillor Melky believes that Alice Springs is a fantastic town with many positives to enjoy. 

He enjoys representing this great town and ensuring Alice Springs has a bright future. 

As well as wanting a safe and tidy town, he supports business and tourism growth initiatives and many other sporting and special events in our town.


Councillor Jacinta Price

Address: PO Box 4511, Alice Springs
Mobile: 0400 417 794
Email: jprice@alicesprings.nt.gov.au
Email: jacinta@yangapi.com

Councillor Price is a Warlpiri/Celtic woman who has grown up in Alice Springs.

For her education, Councillor Price attended Ross Park Primary School, St Philips College and Centralian College.

Councillor Price has performed various professional roles within the Arts including Assistant Curator at the Araluen Galleries, Assistant Curator at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, and Project Manager at Desart. She has worked as a Cross Cultural Consultant for the past 17 years.

Councillor Price has co-produced and performed as part of the indigenous children’s television program Yamba’s Playtime for seven years.  She is currently the co-founder and director of Yangapi Productions, which produces the popular children’s TV series.

Councillor Price is passionate about music and is a nationally acclaimed singer-songwriter who has performed to audiences around Australia since 1996.

Another passion is AFL and she has played an integral role in the establishment and development of women’s football in Central Australia. Councillor Price has captained the Alice Springs Women’s Football Club for the past three seasons and more recently acted as vice-captain for the Central Australian Pinktails team.

Councillor Price is passionate about improving the lives of indigenous children, addressing tough issues such as domestic violence and helping build a unified community.

Regulation 11 (3)

Council is required under Regulation 11 (3) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations to keep a register of the results of all elections and polls. In compliance with this requirement, recent election results documents can be found here - http://www.alicesprings.nt.gov.au/council/documents/notifications-and-general-information


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