Public Art Masterplan 2019-2029

Alice Springs Town Council is developing a Public Art Masterplan 2019-2029. The masterplan will be a road map for future public art and builds on the Alice Springs Town Council Arts and Cultural Policy 2017- 2021 (can be found here), and the strategic objectives of the community developed Alice Springs Arts and Cultural Plan 2017 -2021 (can be found here). Public art denotes works of art designed for and located in a space accessible to the general public, and hence why Council wants your feedback, ideas and opinions in this survey. 

This survey closes on COB 1 August 2019. 

(Refer to the Alice Springs Public Art Map for a list of public art)
(Refer to the Alice Springs Public Art Map for a list of public art)
Please rank the following options 1 to 8, with 1 being what you believe is most needed and 8 the least needed
Permanent public art around town
Site-specific environmental work
Invited artists commissioned to work with community groups/local artists
Few large public art pieces
Many small public art pieces
Interactive artworks (e.g. kinetic or movable sculptures)
Functional works
Iconic works for tourist / social media photos
(1 most suitable and 5 least suitable)
Public art that is part of council infrastructure (e.g. park shade structure with design/artwork)
Public art that is part of the natural environment (e.g. landscape design)
Street art (e.g. large murals)
Street furniture
Sound art
Interactive art that uses smart phones and technology
Temporary artwork such as light projections
Please rank the following options 1 to 5, with 1 being who you believe public art is most for, and 5 the least for.
All residents
Communities or audiences within Alice Springs
Australian visitors
International visitors