Kerbside collection

Things to know about your wheelie-bin.

Alice Springs Town Council, in conjunction with Cleanaway, provides a domestic waste collection service for the Alice Springs community.

Please note that some rural residents of Alice Springs do not have access to kerbside collection.

Kerbside collection is delayed for services scheduled on Good Friday and Christmas Day. Collection usually on Good Friday takes place the day beforehand (Thursday), and collection that would fall on Christmas Day instead takes place on Boxing Day. No other public holidays impact kerbside collection schedules.


Please place ONLY general household waste in your wheelie-bin

THREE basic principles for every Alice Springs Resident to follow:

  1. Know what you CAN put in your bin. Download the full list of do's and don'ts with Your Wheelie Bin
  2. Do not overfill your wheelie-bin.
  3. Know your wheelie-bin collection day.

Please do NOT put the following in your wheelie-bin

  • NO heavy materials, such as concrete, building materials, soil
  • NO industrial waste in your wheelie-bin
  • NO tyres
  • NO wire
  • NO waste oil
  • NO batteries
  • NO engine parts
  • NO hot ashes or acid

On your wheelie-bin collection day:

Place your wheelie-bin out the night before it is due to be collected or before 6:00am on the morning of collection.

Place wheelie-bin as close to the edge of the road as possible.

Ensure your wheelie-bin is clear of trees and obstructions including fire hydrants, power poles and parked vehicles.

Put your wheelie-bin back on your property after it has been emptied.

Please DO NOT leave your wheelie-bin on the road.

Only ASTC wheelie-bins will be serviced. If you require an extra bin, contact the Alice Springs Town Council.

Additional bags or boxes placed on the kerbside next to your bin will not be collected.

Do not overfill your wheelie-bin

The maximum weight allowed in your wheelie-bin is 70kg.

Bins must not be overflowing. If lid isopen it is seen as overloaded and may not be collected. Overfilling your wheelie-bin means your household waste may fall out, becoming litter on the roadside. Please make sure your wheelie-bin lid is closed when you put it out for collection.

Recycling will reduce the amount of waste in your wheelie-bin. See the Waste and Recycling section of the website.


Maintain a clean hygienic wheelie-bin

You can prevent unwanted smells and flies by:

Wrapping all meat, fish, dairy products, vegetable and other fruit scraps.

Hose bin out thoroughly at least once a month.


What happens if I don’t adhere to these conditions?

Your bin will not be collected. Please note that it is the resident’s responsibility to empty bins that are deemed by the collection driver to be too full, too heavy, or contain unacceptable materials. 


What if my wheelie-bin is lost or damaged?

Call Customer Service on (08) 8950 0500.