One Million Stories

A story a day for every child.
One Million Stories

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Every story, every book, every rhyme and song shared with a child promotes language and brain development, feeds the imagination, nurtures curiosity and wonder, and stimulates a love of reading and learning. One Million Stories is an early literacy initiative by Alice Springs Public Library and Yarra Libraries, bringing together libraries, early learning centres, playgroups and families in promoting the idea of a story a day for every child. We want to keep a tally of every time you share a story, a book or a rhyme with your child and recognise the contribution that a whole community can make to the learning outcomes of our children.

How do we register to take part in One Million Stories?

Click here to visit the registrations page on the Yarra Libraries website. All you will need is your Library membership number and some basic details to get started! If you're having any trouble registering, visit the Library or call on (08) 8950 0555.

Participation in One Million Stories is easy!
Every time a child in your family hears a story, colour or cross off a square on your Story Tally Chart. This can be a story told or read to a child or that a child tells or reads to you. Count nursery rhymes and songs shared as well. If ten children hear the same story, you can cross off ten squares. Remember - every time a child hears a story, that's another square. Then every month lodge your story tally at the One Million Stories webpages. As a family and as a community, we can watch the numbers grow.

If you need assistance with lodging your stories, come into the Library and we can help you! As you fill and need more Story Tally Charts, you can pick them up at the Library information desk, or download story charts here and print them off at home.

Story Sharing Afternoons
Every month at the library, children from participating families can join us for a Story Sharing Afternoon, where we'll be sharing stories with one another and giving away prizes for participation. More information to come on this soon!

Do you represent a business or organisation? We'd love to partner with you in delivering One Million Stories! Please call Georgina Davison on (08) 8950 0551.