Caring for Dogs in Alice Springs

Extra care in hot weather

Due to the extreme weather conditions during our summer months please make sure your pet has access to lots of clean, cool drinking water and shade. You will need to have extra water sources to help reduce the risk of heat stress. Please check where the water bowls are situated so that they are not in direct sunlight during the day. Pets can suffer very quickly from heat stress so please look after the pets in your care. Some tips around caring for your dog in hot weather:

  • DO NOT exercise your pet in hot conditions. Walk your dog in the early morning and late evenings.
  • Bitumen, concrete, bare ground and the back of a ute tray will burn your dog’s paws in these hot temperatures. You wear shoes so you may not be aware of how hot the ground actually is.
  • DO NOT leave your pet in a vehicle or on the back of a vehicle, under any circumstances. It takes just six minutes for a dog to die in a hot car.
  • Remember to top up your dog's water regularly. 

Dogs over six months of age must be registered, and should be desexed. Council also recommends microchipping as the best method of identification to return lost animals to their owners. More information about registration and microchipping can be found here.


Where can I walk my dog?

Dogs may be exercised without a leash between 5am to 8am and 5pm to 8pm in various parks and reserves in Alice Springs. A full list of parks and reserves, including facilities and off-leash dog walking can be found here.

Dogs may be also walked on Council sporting grounds (other than Anzac Oval and Traeger Park) between 5am and 8am. A full list of Council Sporting Facilities can be found here.

For the enjoyment of all users, please pick up after your pets. Council supplies ‘doggy do’ bin bags and bins at most park locations across the municipality. Please report damaged bins or empty 'doggy do' bag containers to Council Rangers.

NOTE: All dogs that are off leash are required to be under effective control. Rangers may request that any dog not under control is put on a leash.


Dingo dangers

Central Australia is home to a strong population of dingoes, which perform a valuable function in the region's ecosystem, and are a protected species. However these wild dogs are known to target, lure and injure domestic dogs of all sizes. While Council is active in minimising the threats that dingoes pose to Alice Springs residents and pets, these predators are a constant presence, particularly on the town's outer limits.

Council strongly recommends that care is taken when walking dogs through scrubland. Dingoes are more cautious around humans, and keeping your pet nearby is an excellent way to lower the risk of an attack. While walking dogs off-leash in scrubland may seem safe and beneficial, your pet can become seperated and vulnerable to a dingo attack. Aside from exclusions on certain parks, leashes are compulsory for walking dogs in Alice Springs’ urban areas.

If you see a dingo within the municipality, please contact the Alice Springs Town Council Ranger Unit on (08) 8950 0500.