Event Planning Information


Alice Springs is host to numerous festivals and events which assists in defining the life of our community by providing a wide range of social, economic and cultural benefits. Here at the Alice Springs Town Council we believe that events contribute significantly and are committed to providing a united and healthy community proud of its history, heritage, arts and culture.

With this in mind we have experienced Council officers who can assist in offering help and guidance for all types of events so that the delivery of your event is successful and safe for all.

This webpage/guide has been developed as we want your audience to have a good time at a planned event without putting their health and safety at risk. It will also outline Council's relevant processes and procedures in order to gain approval for your event.



Large or small, all events share several common denominators such as good planning, preparation, a wide range of skills, adaptability and flexibility to ensure a successful, safe and enjoyable event

Think about the following:

  • What is the objective of your event?
  • Who is your event for?
  • Event date – check out the ASTC Community Calendar to check for possible clashes http://www.alicesprings.nt.gov.au/events
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • What facilities you require?
  • Is your event targeted at specific groups?
  • Do you require specific/special facilities?
  • How will you manage crowds?
  • What type of activities will your event include?
  • What type of licenses and permissions will you require?
  • Who will help you?
  • Budget/Funding
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Site layout
  • Occupational Work Health and Safety
  • Legal structure

You may need to set up a committee to assist in the organisation of your event. Give each committee member specific responsibilities and work with their strengths. Ensure there is one person who is the event manager and can oversee the planning.



Council requirements – Licenses, Permits, Consents

If you are looking at holding an event in a public place and/or at any of Alice Springs Town Council venues you will need to apply for the relevant permits.

Depending on the event you are holding, it is recommended that you contact one of our helpful team with the type of event, date, time and venue to determine suitability, availability and to ensure that you are submitting the correct permits.


To hold your event in the following venues please download and complete the relevant application form:


Other Council permits you may require:

Please ensure that you submit as much information as necessary with your application along with a current copy of your Public Liability Insurance which provides protection against any claims for compensation in respect of unforeseen and accidental personal injury or property damage for which you may be legally liable so that we can ensure that you are given the proper advice.

To allow our team effective time to consider your proposal, we require the following period of notice

  • Small events – attendance of less than 500 – minimum of 6 weeks prior
  • Medium events – attendance of 500 -1000 – minimum of 12 weeks prior
  • Large events – attendance of 1000 plus – minimum of 16 weeks prior – open air concerts, music festivals, road closures, fireworks displays, liquor licenses etc.
Processing your application

Depending on the size of your event once Council receives your application it may take up to 16 weeks to process. The earlier you submit your application, the more time Council can assist and will give you more time to organise a successful event and fulfil any legal requirements.

If your application is successful, an approved permit including conditions will be posted or emailed to you. By accepting your application, Council and the applicant automatically become bound by the terms of the approval and any conditions set out in the notification.


Sometimes there are unsuccessful applications

Council or the delegated Council officer may refuse an application if:

  • Your completed application is not received within the specified notification period
  • Your application does not have the necessary required information enclosed
  • The Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Environment, NT Police, NT Fire & Emergency Services, NT Worksafe, St John Ambulance have an objection to your event
  • Another event has already been granted an approval on the same day in the same location
  • The requested location does not have the capacity to sustain your event
  • Council is not satisfied that all the required planning processes have been adequately completed
  • Council believes your event poses an unreasonable risk to public safety.



Coordinating an event is a complex task which requires detailed planning and consultation, often requiring the participation of many stakeholders. Given the complexity of event organisation, all records of planning, implementation and evaluation processes are to be retained and filed.

Health and Safety is an integral part to overall event planning and of the production schedule. As different elements of the event are pieced together their implications for health and safety on the whole event must be assessed. Event organisers are responsible for the Health and Safety of all those attending and participating in the event. You must ensure you have a named person who is responsible for Health and Safety at your event so that they can assist you in your planning of eliminating any risk. Your safety plan should include:

  • Site plan
  • Production manual
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Waste management
  • Traffic Management Plan if closing roads and/or footpaths
  • Public and Product Liability Insurance
  • Electrical and Gas installations
  • Contingency
  • Emergency Services
  • Security



Based on the nature of your event, you may possibly require additional licenses and permits:



Sustainable events - think about how you can make a positive and lasting change.

Developing a waste management plan is fundamental to assist in the disposal of litter, food waste, possible hazardous materials and toilet management.

A waste management plan should include:



Consider the needs of disabled participants and spectators when planning your event, particularly with your evacuation plan.

If you are charging an entry fee for your event please ensure that you are registered for the Companion Card Program which enables people with a disability who require lifelong attendant care support from a companion to attend events and projects without incurring a cost of a second ticket for their companion http://health.nt.gov.au/Aged_and_Disability/Office_of_Disability/Subsidies_and_concessions/Companion_card/index.aspx



Looking at holding a parade or race for your event? If your group or organisation is thinking of holding an event which needs to temporarily or partially close a road and/or footpaths under Regulation 38 of the NT Road Traffic Act you will require a Traffic Management Plan (TMP). To keep people safe, this plan assists with the continual flow of traffic and the process of safely managing all road users which includes vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians during your event with the minimum level of inconvenience.


What is a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is the administration that depicts the design and implementation of temporary traffic management measures whilst the event/project is executed.


When is a TMP needed for an event?

A TMP is needed for any event that varies the normal operating conditions of any part of the Alice Springs Town Council and/or NT Government road reserve.

For example, if the event/project prevents:

  • Normal pedestrian access along a footpath
  • Normal use of a vehicle driving or parking lane

You will need to determine if the road is serviced by either Alice Springs Town Council and/or the NT Government and contact the relevant department.


Who designs a TMP?

Traffic Management Plans and the implementation of these plans are prepared by persons who have completed the relevant qualifications in Advanced Worksite Traffic Management and have current accreditation. Service providers may be found in the Alice Springs Phone Book Yellow Pages under ‘Traffic Controllers & Equipment’.


Permits & Fees

All permits and fees need to be submitted with a traffic management plan and current copy of public liability insurance in writing at least 12 weeks prior to your event taking place. The event organiser is responsible for paying all costs associated with advertising, permits, traffic management plan and implementation of traffic management. Alice Springs Town Council Parade/Procession event application to work within Alice Springs Town Council road reserve permit fee $169. Please note that the scale and impact of your event will affect your budget and requirements.

Permits can be downloaded from:



NT Government has advised that there is a possible reimbursement for the writing of a Traffic Management Plan only of up to $2000. Up to three quotes are required prior to the writing of a TMP and are to be forwarded to the NT Government. For more information please contact the Department of Infrastructure on road.network@nt.gov.au


What happens once your application to ASTC has been submitted?

Once your application and fee has been received, an appointed officer will check your application. If your application is approved a permit will be issued for traffic management implementation to proceed. Once you have received your permit, it must be given to the organisation who will be implementing the plan.


Public Notification

Responsibility for publicity in respect of traffic disruption likely to be caused by the permitted parade/procession rests with the permit holder no less than 2 weeks prior to the event.

You will be required to notify the following:

  • Local residents via an advertisement placed in the Centralian Advocate
  • Businesses that may be affected along the event route must be consulted in writing
  • NT Police
  • St John Ambulance
  • Northern Territory Fire & Emergency Services
  • Local bus line and tour companies
  • Taxi Companies
  • Department of Infrastructure


What happens with the implementation of a Traffic Management Plan?

In February 2017 Council ran a Workzone 3 Traffic Management training course for Alice Springs volunteers and community groups with the aim to upskill local volunteers in the implementation of traffic management, whilst also providing opportunities to share this knowledge in the future with other Alice Springs events, volunteers and community groups.

Relevant qualified persons will ensure that roads, footpaths are closed by placing necessary traffic control devices in the appropriate positions and manage these areas during the entirety of your event to ensure that you have a safe and successful event.

These upskilled volunteers are available to assist with traffic management implementation for your event. Please contact them directly.

Nick Tyllis nick.tyllis@yahoo.com 0435134780
Stephen Peers   0419819272
Neil Ross enandjay16@gmail.com 0419819365
Vicki Page vicki.page@nt.gov.au 0438270430
Robert Clough rbruceclo@bigpond.com 0427392551
Erika Sauzier erika.sauzier@hotmail.com 0487244263
Gregory Teakle gorty@bigpond.com 0414839706
Muriel King cyclonemuriel99@hotmail.com 0456642602
Mardi Cotterill mardicotterill@hotmail.com 0418897236
David Eckermann daveechermann@gmail.com 0418897669
Jennifer Noble jen.noble@bigpond.com 0407795052
Nathan Carter nathan.carter18@gmail.com 0456000198
Tiffany Tregea tiffanytregea@gmail.com 0498097488
Virginia Loy vloy@astravel.com.au 0419815776
Matthew De Jong matt.dejong@gmail.com  
Patricia Raven motherbird66@gmail.com 0423316923

Can I use Event Marshals at my event?

The role of an event marshal is primarily to guide and assist those participating and/or in the event. They have no legal authority for the direct control of vehicle and pedestrian movements apart from situations where such movements take place within a portion of road that has been closed to general traffic movements under the applicable statutes or regulations, e.g. prohibiting pedestrians crossing the road during a race event, escorting official vehicles through a crowd, etc. However, where roads are not subject to closure, event marshals can perform such roles as warning competing cyclists of likely conflicts with approaching traffic (and vice versa), offering guidance to pedestrians about safe crossing points, assisting motorists to locate car parking facilities, etc. Event marshals shall operate only under the direction of the event organiser or a Police officer who shall provide sufficient instruction to the event marshal so that traffic and pedestrian control and guidance is always conducted safely



Alice Springs Town Council Community Calendar is a great way to plan, check for possible event clashes, promote your event and see what's on in Alice.  The calendar publicises various events within the municipality. You can list and promote your event on line at http://www.alicesprings.nt.gov.au/events/submit



Are you looking for some assistance for your event?

Alice Springs Town Council receives numerous requests each year for sponsorship or grants to support a broad array of potential recipients

Some requests can be met through Alice Springs Town Council’s Community Development, Community Assistance or Araluen Access Grants. Other requests may necessitate significantly larger amounts of financial and/or in kind support. Many Alice Springs events/projects could not progress without the support of Council and therefore Council need to establish whether the event/project can demonstrate a benefit to the local community, Alice Springs Town Council and the Alice Springs image of Central Australia.

The following lists are just a small proportion of events and activities that Council hosts and sponsors within the municipality.



  • Alice Desert Festival
  • Carols by Candlelight
  • Longest Desert Lunch
  • Bush Bands Bash
  • Alice Pride Carnivale
  • Camel Cup
  • Henley on Todd
  • Alice Show
  • Finke Desert Race
  • Masters Games
  • Todd Mall Markets
  • Various sports events
  • Pop up Shops
  • Community Grants recipients


Please download the General Funding Conditions and Guidelines including an application for Sponsorship from the Alice Springs Town Council and forward to:

Alice Springs Town Council
PO Box 1071
Alice Springs
NT, 0870

For more information on Event Management please contact Daniella Morozak-Smith, Community Projects Officer on 8950 0505 or astc@astc.nt.gov.au