Alice Art Collection

A great battle

Alice artworks

The Alice Springs Town Council supports the artistic and cultural heritage of the Red Centre, in part, with its art collection.

All the paintings in the collection have some cultural or historical relevance to the region or are significant to the artists’ career and hold artistic merit within a national context.


Town Council Collection

The Alice Springs Town Council has an art collection featuring 352 artworks.

The collection is divided into three separate sections: The Alice Springs Art Foundation component (180 works), the Central Australian Art Society component (137 works) and the Alice Springs Town Council component (35 works).

The art collection features about 20 early boards from Papunya – the start of the Western Desert Art Movement famous for its dot paintings.

The Civic Centre hall is home to the extraordinary Battle for the Spinifex series by local artist Kaye Kessing.

The 11 paintings deal with the feral animal problems of Central Australia and were used as a backdrop for an education play which toured Australia in 1990.