Pet ownership

Animal management

Pet registration

The Ranger Unit of the Alice Springs Town Council encourages responsible pet ownership and the need to be aware of your responsibilities in relation to other pets, being a pet owner, other animals and the general public. 

Council strongly recommends desexing pets to avoid indiscriminate breeding resulting in unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals. Council also encourages microchipping as this is the best method of identification to return lost animals to their owners. Please notify us of any change of address or contact details to ensure your pet’s details are up to date on our database.


How do I register my pet?

In Alice Springs all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months must be registered with Council. As per the Alice Springs Animal Control By-Laws if you have three or more dogs or cats, you must apply for a kennel licence. There are varying levels of registration depending on your pet - is it microchipped and/or desexed - please click here for more detailed information. Paperwork is not available on-line and must be completed at the Alice Springs Town Council 93 Todd Street. If you have any further questions please contact Council on 8950 0500.


What if I lose my pet?

Call the Alice Springs Animal Shelter (08) 8953 4430 at Lot 5803 Len Kittle Drive (Emergencies only: 0407 614 875) or speak to a Council Ranger on 8950 0500 (this number is active 24 hour, 7 days if your require assistance outside of business hours please call and follow prompts).


Alice Springs Animal Shelter

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 12 noon
Sunday/Public holidays - Closed

Any animals found to be wandering at large are taken to the Alice Springs Animal Shelter at the southern end of Len Kittle Drive next to Blatherskite Park. Members of the public can also drop off found or lost animals at the Shelter, if outside of open hours please use the drop off pens at front gate.)

Every effort is taken to locate the owners of animals. Infringement notices may be issued where required. Further fines may be issued if the animal is unregistered.

Unclaimed animals become the property of the Alice Springs Town Council after a 48 hour period and can be disposed if required.

If your animal is impounded, you are required to pay a release fee and pay to register the dog, if unregistered prior to its release. Maintenance fees may be charged.

For more information about the Alice Springs Animal Shelter, visit their website.


What if my pet is lost but not at the Alice Springs Animal Shelter?

Contact the Alice Springs Town Council Ranger Unit on (08) 8950 0500 or at the Civic Centre at 93 Todd Street.


Do I need a permit to keep animals other than cats, dogs and birds?

The keeping of livestock in residential areas (not rural) is banned under the Northern Territory Planning Act. For more information contact the Department of Lands and Planning on (08) 8951 9200.

You need written permission from Council to keep any other animals in urban areas. Call (08) 8950 0500 to find out more.

You may need permission from the Parks and Wildlife Commission to keep any native animals captive.


My dog has been accused of an attack

All reported dog attacks are investigated by the Rangers. Contact the Alice Springs Town Council Ranger Unit on (08) 8950 0500.



For information on animal by-laws, click here.