Swim Ready!

Swim Ready! is a pre-swim check developed to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Improve safety and supervision of children 10 years old and under
  2. Maintain a high standard of pool hygiene (and decrease pool closures resulting from incidents)

A child is Swim Ready! when:

  • A visit to the toilet (or a suitable aquatic nappy check by a parent or guardian) has occurred
  • Showering has occurred before entering the pool
  • Children can show lifeguards who their supervising adult is (or for babies and very young toddlers the supervising adult shows lifeguards the children in their care)

Once a child is Swim Ready! lifeguards (or Customer Service Assistants) can be approached to provide a Swim Ready! wrist band. 

  • Children 5 years old and under receive a pink wristband
  • Children 6-10 years old receive a green (or colour other than pink) wristband

Coloured wrist bands indicate to lifeguards which children require arm length supervision and which children are Swim Ready!