Waste and recycling

The Rediscovery Centre

Regional Waste Management Facility

The Alice Springs Regional Waste Management Facility was built to enhance environmental sustainability via a variety of long term recycling and waste minimisation strategies and to provide a location for advanced waste management and recycling for all communities in Central Australia. This includes those serviced by Yulara, MacDonnell Regional Council, Central Desert Regional Council and Barkly Regional Council.

The Waste Transfer Station provides a sorting area where waste is screened prior to disposal so that recyclables can be separated from the waste stream and to permit identification of waste that is inappropriate for direct landfill disposal. The baler at the Regional Waste Management Facility bales a range of these separated items, which are then transported to major recycling facilities interstate.

The Regional Waste Management Facility is located on Commonage Road.

Schools are encouraged to visit the facility for learning opportunities regarding waste management and teachers can make these arrangements by contacting Council’s Environment Officer on 8950 0594.  Download a copy of the Excursion Resource Guide for more details.


The Rediscovery Centre

The Rediscovery Centre is a retail recycling centre where you can drop-off your old books, bicycles, building material, timber, household items, tools, toys, furniture and other unwanted goods for FREE so they can be rediscovered by someone else. The Rediscovery Centre also sells the mulch and crushed glass that is produced on-site.


The Regional Waste Management Facility and The Rediscovery Centre are open every day from 8:00am - 4:00pm (closed Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

Contact us on 8950 4340.

For a full list of the facility's fees and charges, please refer our list of landfill fees.


Recycling in Alice Springs

There are many things that can be recycled in Alice Springs at the Regional Waste Management Facility on Commonage Road, as well as at other businesses in Alice Springs.  The Regional Waste Management Facility offers FREE recycling for a number of recyclables such as glass bottles and jars, greenwaste, steel cans, and aluminium cans.

To ensure that items get properly recycled, we urge residents to separate their waste as much as possible prior to entering the facility. This ensures that everything placed in the recycling skips will be recycled properly. Separating waste according to material type can also save money as some single-stream items (such as glass) can be recycled for FREE. Check out the updatedRecycling Directory from below,to find out more about what can be recycled in Alice Springs.

Factsheet: Recycling in Alice Springs

Residential Recycling Directory


FREE Electronic waste disposal – once a month!

The Alice Springs Town Council has a FREE electronic waste drop-off day once a month at the Regional Waste Management Facility. On the first Saturday of each month the community are invited to recycle their unwanted televisions, computer screens, printers and hard drives at the transfer station.  Please put items in blue cages as marked. Conditions apply. This offer does not apply to any other electrical goods. Large e–waste items may incur a fee.  Maximum of 5 items per person. For details call the Regional Waste Management Facility on 8950 4342.

Factsheet: E-waste 



Residents can take greenwaste to the Regional Waste Management Facility for FREE. Find out more:

Factsheet: Greenwaste


Paper and Cardboard

Residents can now take paper, cardboard, and magazines to the Regional Waste Management Facility for FREE, providing they are clean and separated by type. Find out more:

Factsheet: Paper and Cardboard


Chemical Disposal Centre

Household chemicals that CANNOT go in your wheelie-bin can be dropped off at the Chemical Disposal Centre on Fridays and the first Saturday of each month.
For a comprehensive listing of what can and cannot be taken the Chemical Disposal Centre click here.

Factsheet: Chemical waste 


Cash for Containers

A 'cash for containers' scheme operates in the NT in addition to Council offering a 10c refund for wine and spirit bottles.

Factsheet: Container Deposit Scheme


Construction and Demolition

Find out more about recycling of construction and demolition waste and ways to reduce costs when taking certain materials to the landfill

Factsheet: Construction and demolition waste