Public Art

Public Art not only improves the quality, design and perception of public space, but also celebrates and fosters heritage and cultural diversity by creating landmarks to act as natural gathering places and focus for local pride and storytelling.

Public Art Advisory Committee

The Public Art Advisory Committee ensures due diligence in the commissioning of public artworks in Alice Springs. The Public Art Advisory Committee meets monthly to provide advice on the management and planning of public art for the Alice Springs Town Council. Committee meetings minutes can be found here.


Alice Springs Town Council’s Public Art Policy

This policy provides a framework to ensure a standard of professional excellence in the planning and execution of all public art projects. (Policy can be found here.)


Alice Springs Town Council Arts and Cultural Plan 2017- 2021

This plan aims to ensure that the arts and cultural sector has the skills, resources and resilience to meet the greater ambition of building a strong and engaged community, through the arts. Public art is integrated into the Places and Spaces action area of this plan. (Plan can be found here.)


Alice Springs Town Council Arts and Cultural Policy 2017 -2021

This will provide strategic direction in making arts and culture an intrinsic part of the character, economy and appeal of Alice Springs. The Arts and Cultural Policy will support and guide future Council decisions in relation to arts and cultural programs, facilities and investments. (Policy can be found here.)


Public Art Map

Download your own guide to public art in Alice Springs here. This map highlights public artwork sites, including information on 20 works within the Todd Mall and CBD area. Free hardcopy versions are available at sites around town.