Alice Solar City

Solar City

Alice Solar City was one of seven projects funded through the Australian Government Solar Cities programme, a $97million national strategy launched in 2004.

It was unique in that it was the only project to be led and delivered by a local government authority on behalf of a consortium of local and government organisations. It was launched in March 2008 to explore how solar power, energy efficient technologies and new approaches to energy supply and pricing could encourage the development of a sustainable energy future.

Alice Solar City came to an end in June 2013 after five years with a long list of outcomes.

It engaged all sectors of the community through three key programme areas:



 2,711 free home energy surveys completed – 30% of the whole community and 47% of owner occupied homes
Over 800 residential smart meters installed
908 residential hot water systems installed with funding support



199 energy audits completed
411kw of commercial PV installed on 39 business premises
A dedicated project at the Alice Springs Hospital which resulted in energy savings of 625,000kwh per annum


Large Scale Iconic projects

 Solar installations at five high profile public locations generate significant power for the town and serve as visible icons of Alice Springs Solar City status. One of the large scale projects, the Uterne Power
Station, is supported by Power & Water Corporation which will purchase electricity from the system for 20 years.

At the end of the Alice Solar City project, a total of 700 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems had been installed on homes and businesses, 317 of these with funding support.

Solar power installations represented nearly one half of the total Alice Solar City project expenditure and 46% of its total estimated greenhouse gas savings.

Solar hot water systems accounted for a further 28% of greenhouse gas emission savings.

As well as investing in and leading delivery of the programme, Council has led by example and has invested in its own facilities, including large solar PV installations on the civic centre and the works depot,
and the rooftop water heating system that is effectively reducing the gas bill for the heated pools at the Aquatic & Leisure Centre.

Council is immensely proud to have led the success story that is Alice Solar City.


To find out more, visit the Alice Solar City website.