ASALC Desert Ultra Swim

The Desert Ultra Swim is a swimming event that truly tests your swimming endurance and all round will power! Each competitor will swim 2km within a 1 hour period. Once the distance has been swum competitors can spend the remainder of the hour out of the pool to rest/eat/sleep etc, but a new round will start every hour until the last competitor fails to swim the distance! How you win is to be the last one in the pool!

$100 registration fee
Registrations can be done in person at ASALC or email to be sent a registration form.

Overall Endurance Champion: This is the last person swimming in this event. Their name and time will be recorded on the ASALC Board of Champions and they will also win a $500 CASH PRIZE!
Last Man Standing over 40 years
Last Woman Standing over 40 years
Last Man Standing under 40 years
Last Women Standing under 40 years

Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 07:00
Aquatic & Leisure Centre
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Event Location 
Alice Springs Aquatic & Leisure Centre