NRL State of Mind Presentation

The NRL's David Shillington will be in Alice Springs to deliver their State of Mind presentation on Tuesday February 12, with an open invitation to all members of the community.

NRL Community has been using our voice, in consultation with Australia's leading mental health experts, to make a difference to a big issue that impacts our game and our communities – mental illness.

Mental illness doesn't discriminate. In Australia, 1-in-2 people are affected by mental illness. It's Australia's single biggest health issue and, as Australia's biggest sporting community, we can and should play a pivotal role in improving the outcomes for those affected.

Our approach is:

Use the Game's reach, profile, clubs and players to help remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.
Connect rugby league communities (participants, fans, and volunteers) with our mental health partners and local service providers.
Stimulate help-seeking behaviours throughout the Rugby League community by providing appropriate literature and resources.
Educate and inform our Grassroots Club's through an interactive face-to-face session to improve mental health literacy.
Develop elite players to be leaders in mental health advocacy within their Clubs and communities.
The NRL's State of Mind program has been developed in partnership with Lifeline, Kids Helpline, headspace and the Black Dog Institute.

The aim of this program, which will be the constant driver of our work, is to:

Use the Game's reach, profile, Clubs and players to reduce stigma around mental illness;
Increase our participants understanding of mental health;
Stimulate help seeking behaviours by educating and informing our community with appropriate resources and literature;
Connect Rugby League communities with our expert partners.
Grassroots and Junior League Support
The State of Mind Grassroots Program is a four-step recognition process that has been developed in consultation with our expert partners.

The program has been designed to be delivered to club administrators, coaches, managers and senior members of grassroots Rugby League clubs across Australia.

The key outcomes of the State of Mind Grassroots Program will be a constant driver in our work;

Reduce the stigma around mental ill health within the club and community
Increase mental health literacy across grassroots Rugby League clubs.
Stimulate help seeking behaviours of club members and community.
Each club will take ownership of mental health awareness at the workshop conclusion
We are currently delivering the program across the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 18:00
Event Contact Details 
Troy Duncan - 0418 615 658
Event Location 
Alice Springs Convention Centre