'Play Me!' Desert Song Festival 2018 invites you to excite 'ebony and Ivory' and enliven the CBD with harmony and melody..... public street art- the piano.

The Desert Song Festival 2018 is an annual showcase of cultural diversity and artistic brilliance in Central Australia.

With the 2018 theme of '"What a Wonderful World!– Celebrating Global Heritage", the festival unites singers, musicians and audiences from Alice Springs and visitors to the region , over 10 incredible days (September 7-16). Artists from this vibrant multi-cultural community, in the heart of Australia, have come together to present a diverse program of events, that reveal incredible musical talent.

Play Me! will have a grand piano set up in the heart of Todd Street Mall during the festival. It's a wonderful community event, which invites participation- come and tap out a tune and fill the streets of Alice Springs with music!

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Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00
Event Contact Details 
Email: Phone: 1800 645 199 or 08 8952 5800
Event Location 
Todd Mall Alice Springs NT