ThunderLAN Gaming Session
Come and join all the Alice Springs Computer/console gamers in an all night, good old fashioned LAN party.
20 Dollars entry (first time commers free)
Entry fee includes network, food, drinks, table, chair, hall hire, power and venue for the night.
Competitions and prizes on the night.
People of all ages welcome 
Bring your own consoles/PC's monitors and peripherals.
Any more information visit facebook page
Call Rhys Boehm on 0408 628 834 or e mail or website
C U All there!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 18:00
Event Contact Details 
Rhys Boehm on 0408 628 834 or e mail 
20 dollars (first time free)`
Event Location 
Marian Centre OLSH Sadadeen Campus