ADF15- KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines

KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines

(featuring a local story made in collaboration with Alice Springs artists)

This event is a performance piece that takes fragments from humanity’s long and tragic involvement with global conflict and reduces them to the underlying human experiences. KaBoom- Stories from Distant Frontlines is based on real stories of Australias who have fought on the frontline, Australias who fled to this country to escape conflict and build new lives. KaBoom positions the audience as witness, in the midst of the performance arena. This engaging performance has, as its centre piece, a local story created in collaboration with a diverse ensemble of Alice Springs artists.

Tickets available online:

This event will have a second show at 9.30pm later that night!

KaBooM Artistic Team:

Deborah Leiser-Moore – Concept/performer
Big Toxic – Composer
Tim Parish – Videographer (Fablice)
Collaborators: Regina Heilmann, Younes Bachir, Adriano Cortese, Bagryana Popov, Gail Kelly, Lech Mackiewicz, Susie Dee

Alice Springs Artistic Team:

Kaye Pedersen
Kateldn Griffin
Karine Tremblay
Sylvia Purrurle Neale

Sunday, September 6, 2015 - 19:30
Event Contact Details
$30 or $25 in the Festival Shine package
Event Location 
location yet to be announced