Feral cat trapping gets a boost

The Alice Springs Town Council will be helping the Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) with feral cat tallies after ALEC donated eight cat traps to the Town Council Rangers.

The traps will help measure the impact of feral cats in and around Alice Springs and Council Rangers will keep a tally of cats trapped.

This will be recorded and reported by ALEC as part of their work tallying potential wildlife savings.

The eight traps were bought by ALEC through Land for Wildlife in response to the increase in feral cats in the municipality.

Town Council Ranger Manager Kevin Everett says: “It’s terrific to be working with other organisations in town to do something so worthwhile.

“Feral cats are a scourge across the country and Alice Springs Town Council is committed to doing what we can to help our natural environment.”

ALEC Director Jimmy Cocking says: “Although cats are harder to catch in summer, it is important that people contact the council to borrow a cat trap as soon as they are aware of feral cats in their area.

 “Working together is the only way that we may tame the menace of feral cats in central Australia. This is a great start - now it's up to active citizens to use them.”


For further information contact:

Kevin Everett M: 0413 330 638

Penelope Bergen (Media & Communications) M: 0408 857 167